Orthodox Parenting

Raise your Orthodox Christian child right!

Orthodox Parenting

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Raising Them Right

If you only can have one book on raising your orthodox child right, this is the one to get. Intially I bought this book thinking – “What does a recluse know about raising children?” What I found out was – quite a bit!!! How many of us want our children attaining salvation – hopefully all of us. St. Theophan takes you through infancy of your child(ren) to Young Adult and explains the impact the Church, parents, and those around the child will have on their spiritual lives. He gives some very practical advice as well: “One doctor from his own observation, testifies that for the most part when there are illnesses in children the children should be taken to Holy Communion, and very rarely does he have need to use later any kind of medical help. A great influence is exercised on the child by frequently taking him to Church, by having him kiss the holy Cross, the Gospel, the icons….Likewise, at home frequently placing him under icons, frequently signing him with the sign of the Cross, sprinkling him with holy water….” He addresses every stage of a child’s development including the teenage years – “One must have a strong foundation so as to stand firm at this time against the shock-waves of youth.” He not only addresses the craziness of the teenage years but he also gives practical advice of how to deal with your teenagers. I only stated a few of the spiritual examples. There’s also an abundance of day to day advice. There is so much I would love to quote but cannot because of space. St. Theophan’s love for children shines throughout this book. “Of all holy works, the education of children in the most holy.” – St. Theophan the Recluse


Children In The Church Today

This book should be given as a present to all expecting mothers! It is an excellent guide for parents. It shows how to bring children up in the Church from their very conception! It has a good discussion of those difficult adolescent years and ways of tackling all those difficult questions and problems. It has a thorough awareness of the situation today (the influence of TV, modern music etc), yet embodies the teaching of the Church as expressed in the works of Starets Sophrony the disciple of St. Silouan, the Elder of the monastery which first published this book. Originally a series of talks given at the monastery in England it is slowly becoming a classic in contemporary child care.


Praying With the Orthodox Tradition

Prayer is the breath of the Christian life, as it unites the heart and mind to God an reminds us that we are our brother’s and sister’s keeper. This very slim volume is a handy book to have in the glove box, desk drawer, purse or backpack. Broken down by time (sunset, midnight, 9 am, noon etc), the prayers come right out of the Orthodox Christian monastic prayer cycle that all Christians can use for profit. Some sections are longer than others, but usually you can pray any given section in about five minutes, or, if you need a shorter prayer, you can do it in 30 seconds. God knows what we need and can do.

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